Members Of Cameroon NCD Alliance Celebrate Global Week for NCD\'s

1, Tue 9th, Aug 2022, 08:14

Focusing on the theme 'INVEST TO PROTECT" Today we joint other stakeholders to celebrate the Global week for action on NCD's. This meeting was held in Bamenda, North West Region of Cameroon. 

Remarkable among several activities were the panel discussion involving representatives of each organization coming to chat a way forward for better advocacy in order to provoke finances for the effective prevention of risk factors as concerns non-Communicable Diseases given the increase in the number of cases recorded each year.

During this event that spurred the guest present on the way forward for the fight against NCD's in Cameroon, the Secretary General for Cameroon Civil Society NCD Alliance Mr. Ferdinand Sonyuy during his key note address emphasized that, investing on NCD's is not an expense but an income given that the society shall reap healthier workers, reduce cost on families and there shall be a boost in the economy. He further went on to encourage governments and other civil society organizations and businesses to join the fight against NCD's in Cameroon.

It is worth noting that, this occasion was going on alongside practical campaign by Cameroon's Coalition to Combat Tobacco in the city of Yaoundé