Non-communicable Diseases

In conjunction with the SDGs, Value Health Africa (VAHA) seeks to empower young women, youth and children to overcome sexual and reproductive health threats by increasing their access to better quality health education and care. Thus, VAHA  helps target communities and households to identify and address their health challenges through sensitization, education and support with respect to national and international expectations.

Core Program Values

The focus of the Sexual Reproductive Health program builds on the promotion of Health rights and Gender equality;

  • Empowering adolescents, women, youths and girls to advocate for and take control of their reproductive health through the organization of capacity building projects and self help initiatives;
  • Fostering partnerships with local and traditional leaders for effective health advocacy, consolidation and uptake of responsible sexual and reproductive health practices for women and young girls in local communities and;
  • Encouraging an alliance or network of community health educators and volunteers as "task forces" to consolidate the bridge between the rapid provision of health care services and local communities for improved access to health. 

Key Strategies

Achieving the aforementioned goals, VAHA undertakes a holistic approach that cuts across Sexual reproductive health and HIV/AIDS interventions in target communities ranging from:

  • Awareness Raising & Community Sensitization
  • Capacity Building and Education on Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Lobbying and Advocacy on Women's Health, Rights and Education for  Young Girls
  • Community Mobilization and Campaigns on HIV/AIDS